Rumor: Rangers top player to get traded despite slump!

A change of scenery could do the trick and make this a great trade!

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The 2017-18 season has been a roller-coaster ride so far for the New York Rangers, and the holes in their lineup have been made clearer to management and rival clubs.

The Blue Shirts will look to fix the definite needs before they can be considering a true Cup contender again, and it may all start by moving top forward Rick Nash before the Trade deadline. 

According to Jared Clinton of the Hockey News, "if there’s a market for the 33-year-old and an offer that brings a couple players or a prospect and a pick back the other way, it’s worth exploring"

However, Nash is not having the best season so far. Actually, the veteran forward has managed three goals and six points in 16 games - the worst production rate of his career. 

The Rangers might look to move him in return for young prospects or picks, seeing that New York could use a hand pretty much anywhere on the roster. Cup contending teams will surely pick up the phone to use Nash as a rental players to make a push for the championship. It has been done in the past! 

Nash is in the final year of an eight-year, $62.4-million contract,  and Rangers management could choose to move him to lessen the financial burden and build the team’s future. 

Where will Nash end up?