Rumor: Ryan Reaves has signed a new contract.

Reaves reportedly has a new deal.

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Although all has been relatively quiet in the National Hockey League with the 2019 - 2020 regular season being suspended, we are starting to see NHL general managers using the current down time to get business done in spite of the uncertainty that everyone appears to be facing at this time. We saw the St. Louis Blues sign veteran defenseman Marco Scandella to a short term deal and now it sounds like the Las Vegas Golden Knights have made a similar move.

I must be clear that at this time this is merely a rumor, however the rumor does come from a very good source with that source being the good people over at Sin Bin Vegas. Sin Bin Vegas is always on top of all things Golden Knights and very early this morning they reported information that would appear to indicate that veteran forward Ryan Reaves has signed a brand new contract with the Golden Knights.

From Sin Bin Vegas:

We have learned through a trusted source that Ryan Reaves and the Golden Knights have been discussing, and may have already signed, a 2-year contract extension. AAV unknown.

Reaves is arguably the most dominant enforcer in the National Hockey League today and is one of the most intimidating players out on the ice on a night to night basis. Reaves however has elevated his game beyond that as a member of the Golden Knights and has had the two most productive offensive seasons of his career in his two seasons with the NHL's newest franchise and that has made him all the more valuable to the organization. For that reason it comes as very little surprise that the Golden Knights would want to retain him for the foreseeable future, although it will be interesting to see how much they invested in Reaves in terms of AAV. Although no team was going to give Reaves a long term contract, given how valuable he has been to the Golden Knights as of late I do not doubt he could have earned more term on the open market. 

That being said unless the Golden Knights have seriously overpaid here, which I doubt they have, this likely will prove to be a solid deal for the organization moving forward.