Rumor: Sens already preparing to flip Duchene in another blockbuster trade?

Just when you thought the Duchene saga was over...

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The Ottawa Senators were one of three teams involved in one of the biggest trades in recent memory. They traded center Kyle Turris along with prospects and picks to both the Nashville Predators and the Colorado Avalanche and in return received Matt Duchene.

Here's the reasoning behind the trade. Kyle Turris is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season, and contract talks were in a stalemate. He wanted 7-8 years at roughly $6 million, and the organization wasn't willing to meet those demands, as they are a budget team and already have a few big contracts on the books.

Turris was subsequently traded to the Predators, who negotiated a 6 year, $6 million deal within minutes - which sealed the deal for all three teams. 

Matt Duchene, on the other hand, makes $6 million now, and has another year left on his term, giving Ottawa some flexibility and a sure asset for this year and the next.

But what happens when his contract runs out, and he is due for a raise - one that will cost the Sens more than Turris, for a relatively comparable player?

The Athletic's James Gordon mentions the possibility that Duchene won't want to sign in Ottawa following the 2018-19 season, or that given he will likely demand a contract around the 7 year / $7 million mark that Pierre Dorion simply won't be able to afford him. 

The scenario, then, would be to unload Duchene sometime next season, or even in the offseason depending on how this year goes, to regain assets, much like Joe Sakic finally did Sunday night.

This is a pretty strange scenario - just when we thought the Duchene saga was over, it may all pick up again in the summer.