Rumor: Sharks hunting the market to complete trade!

The team is committed to spend money and trade assets! Who will benefit from it?

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The San Jose Sharks are still adjusting to the new season, still looking for their first win after losing the last two contests. GM Doug Wilson does not want to say too much about the solutions he might have in store to help his team, but in an interview with The Athletic, the general manager revealed a trade might be in the works. 

When asked if they can spend to the cap ceiling – they have $6 million in cap space – and how could they benefit from the cap space, Wilson 

“Historically, when you have a lot of assets and young players and you have cap space, that leads you to opportunities," Wilson explained.

"That’s how we’ve acquired players in the past. So, we’re in a position to allow people to compete and take jobs and get back on top of their game, but also to add if needed when the right opportunity comes. Other teams in the league know who the teams are who have cap space and pieces they may want. That leads to conversations.”

Wilson did not reveal with which teams he was holding conversations, but the GM might be looking to spark his offense lines. But where there is smoke, usually, a fire is nearby...

The New York Post recently reported that veteran Joe Thornton could find himself at the center of a blockbuster trade with the New York Rangers. Fans will continue to wonder now...