Rumor: Star player involved in locker room altercation!

That would explain everything!

Rumor: Star player involved in locker room altercation!

What is going on with Carey Price?

Nobody seems to know how on earth did he went from arguably the best goaltender in the universe to a goalie that can't even keep his save percentage above .900, weeks after he signed his monster 8 year $84 million dollar contract. Officially listed as injured after another humiliating defeat, many believe this could be an easy way to get him away from the spotlight to let him regain his confidence.

However, latest report from Montreal insider Pierre Rinfret could shed some light on what exactly is going on with Price. While on the air at Montreal's 91.9 Sports, Rinfret advanced that, according to some inside infos, Price could have been involved in a locker room altercation with a frustrated teammate who would have told him to get his game together during a recent game.

Radio host Jean-Charles Lajoie seemed to agree with those informations, adding that it made alot of sense according to what he was also hearing.

Could the Habs be dealing with a major controversy right now?