Rumor: The Boston Bruins are making a big push for Jacob Trouba.

Could this solve Boston's problems on the blue line?

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The Bruins may be one of the bigger players in the sweepstakes for restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba.

According to a report from Eklund of the Hockey Buzz, a National Hockey League source has informed him that the Bruins have made an offer to the Winnipeg Jets, but the Jets are still looking for a little more.

The report states that the Bruins have offered up defeseman Torey Krug in exchange for Trouba, and while a player for player deal would not be an even trade, one has to remember the Jets are dealing from a position of weakness.

According to Eklund the Jets do have an interest in Krug, and he also added that the Jets are hoping to get this done sooner rather than later, indicating that they make take less in this deal than they would under normal circumstances. 

More to come.