Rumor: The Toronto Maple Leafs may be in big trouble.

Leafs may be in a bad spot.

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If National Hockey League forward Joffrey Lupul hadn't already destroyed his chances of ever playing for the Maple Leafs again, they are almost certainly dead now. 

The Maple Leafs may be in very serious trouble as according to Sportsnet insider John Shannon, the NHL has decided that it will investigate Lupul's claims of cheating by the Maple Leafs. 

While Lupul himself made it clear that he would not be seeking a second medical opinion, the NHL is now going to have him medically evaluated by a doctor according to Shannon.

Now of course of the Leafs aren't doing anything untoward this will be a non-issue, however if there was in fact something to Lupul's accusations of cheating it may mean major consequences for the organization.

More to come on this story.

Update: James Mirtle of The Athletic has received confirmation from a league source, this is now more than just a rumor.