Rumor: The ugly truth about why P.K. Subban was traded may be coming out.

Some very harsh accusations being tossed around.

Published 7 years ago
Rumor: The ugly truth about why P.K. Subban was traded may be coming out.
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Rumors are starting to surface as one would expect after such a controversial trade, the one that sent Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban to Nashville despite seemingly being in the prime of his career as an elite athlete, and despite being beloved by both fans of the team and the city as a whole, and those rumors are proving to be quite ugly.

This morning on TSN's 690 radio Tony Marinaro revealed what he claims he had been told directly by multiple players in the Montreal Canadiens locker room regarding the behavior of Subban. Here's a look at just some of the statements Marinaro made today.

"I was told of missing curfew on the road, with another player who has since been traded by the way." "I was told of being late for team meetings."

"I was told of stuff that was said in the room that really bothered his teammates, and one story I was told, and I was told this story by multiple sources, is that when the players hang out in the locker room you know often they talk about other players in the league and what's going, and at one point Drew Doughty's name came up, and P.K supposedly said something to the effect of he will win the Norris Trophy, before adding 'look who I play with and look who he plays with'."

"Now it could have been said jokingly, but it was multiple players that told me this, and told me that it went down this way."

"A former player of the Montreal Canadiens told me P.K. Subban will never be the captain of the Montreal Canadiens."

"I was told P.K. Subban was the only player who did not attend the Habs Christmas party."

Marinaro went on to speak for over a half hour on the topic and it's well worth a listen if you've got the time follow the link above.

Marinaro wasn't standing alone on an island with these statements either, reporter Jimmy Murphy echoed Marinaro's sentiments but also added a damning rumor to the mix as well. According to Murphy Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty may have played a major role in this, stating that while he agrees with everything Marino said, a source informed him that Pacioretty sent Subban a text after the trade, detailing the exact same issues.


Now why is this important? Well according to Muprhy's sources Pacioretty actively worked against Subban in the locker room in an effort to drive him out and turn the other players against him.

It's a lot to digest, and frankly it's a little difficult to believe, but much like the massive talk surrounding the trade initially, where this much smoke there could very well be fire, remember the trade rumors began because of a rumored conflict between Pacioretty and Subban.