Rumor: Tortorella in trouble after outburst on Saturday.

Rumor: Tortorella in trouble after outburst on Saturday.

The head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers will likely hear from the National Hockey League on Sunday.

Jonathan Larivee

It was one of the funniest moments I've seen in the National Hockey League in quite some time, but it seems as though those in charge at the NHL offices didn't think it was all that amusing.

On Saturday night, Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella took social media by storm after a standoff he had with NHL referee Wes McCauley went viral on social media. The standoff would occur after McCauley ejected Tortorella from the game early on, with Tortorella refusing to leave the Flyers bench despite the instructions from McCauley to do so.

I'll be honest I can't really blame Tortorella for being uniquely frustrated at the situation. Not only was this a night in which the 2004 Stanley Cup winning members of the Tampa Bay Lightning were being honored, a team that was coached by Tortorella, but the ejection itself hardly seemed warranted from McCauley.

This was how Torts reacted:

Tortorella's response to McCauley went viral almost instantly, much to the delight of hockey fans who seemed to get a good chuckle out of the whole thing. It would appear as though the NHL however is not amused at the display from Tortorella, with NHL insider Elliotte Friedman strongly hinting at the fact that Tortorella is likely to be disciplined for his actions.

"We’ve all been laughing about this tonight…we’ll see how things evolve tomorrow, but the NHL still has to weigh in. I don’t think it found the refusal to leave the bench as humorous as social media did," said Friedman on Saturday.

We likely won't have to wait long to hear if Tortorella is indeed disciplined over the incident.