Rumor: Trevor Zegras accused of mocking Troy Stecher's dead dad.

Rumor: Trevor Zegras accused of mocking Troy Stecher's dead dad.

Did he really say that?

Jonathan Larivee

There has been an ugly rumor floating around since Saturday night after an altercation that took place during a National Hockey League game that was contested between the Anaheim Ducks and the Arizona Coyotes.

The controversy stems from an exchange of words that occurred between Arizona Coyotes defenseman Troy Stecher and Anaheim Ducks star forward Trevor Zegras. No one truly knows what words were exchanged between the two men, but what is clear is that Zegras said something to Stecher during the exchange that caused the Coyotes defenseman to go completely ballistic.

Although none of their words were caught on the broadcast, many amateur lip readers have been quick to leap to the conclusion that Zegras was mocking Stecher's father, who passed away from complications with diabetes at just 65 years of age in 2020.

While this certainly isn't proof of anything, such a comment would certainly help explain the over the top, and quite frankly out of character, reaction from Stecher to whatever was said by Zegras. It could also help explain why Zegras received a 10 minute misconduct for what was a pretty typical cross-check.

It is an incredibly heavy accusation to level at Zegras and while I have seen many fans level that accusation, there is now at least one hockey writer throwing his weight behind that accusation as well. Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now appears to be corroborating the story, retweeting the claim that Zegras said “your dads watching” while also targeting the Anaheim Ducks' fan base by using their #FlyTogether hashtag and all the while calling it a "Classless chirp by Trevor Zegras."

Rumor: Trevor Zegras accused of mocking Troy Stecher's dead dad.

Given that Murphy is only one man and appears to be the only writer currently corroborating this story, as well as due to the fact that it is genuinely difficult to believe Zegras would say such a thing, I will be classifying this one as a mere rumor for the time being. That being said, if Zegras did in fact say what he is being accused of saying, we likely haven't seen the end of this story.