Rumor: Turris done in Nashville, and the Preds have his replacement lined up already.

Turris' time as a Predator is over.

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The Nashville Predators are reportedly ready to move on from veteran forward Kyle Turris and by the sound of things it seems like the Predators may have had a plan in place to move on from Turris for the better part of a year now. 

In a recent article for SB Nation, Bryan Bastin revealed that a source from within the Canadian Hockey League, one with ties both to the Nashville Predators and the Oshawa Generals, it is likely that the Predators have had their plans regarding Turris future set in stone for some time now. Bastin was able to get confirm regarding some of those details from a second source and in this case the comments regarding the future of Turris were much more specific, with Bastin leaving little doubt that Turris would be moving on in the offseason one way or another and that rookie Philip Tomasino would be the one to replace him.

From Bastin:

They remarked that the Nashville staffer they’d spoken to revealed that “the Predators were planning to buy out Kyle Turris after this season, and use the cost of Tomasino’s entry-level contract to help balance the buyout.” This was initially revealed to me at the deadline when the head coaching situation was in flux, but both sources have recently confirmed that this still seems to be the plan regarding both Kyle Turris and Philip Tomasino.

We have heard a ton of trade rumors surrounding Kyle Turris over the course of the last year plus and this makes perfect sense given that the Predators are looking to unload him onto someone else. Bastin believes that the Predators continue to search for a trade involving Turris, one that would almost certainly require them to retain some salary, but he also added that should Predators general manager David Poile fail to find a suitable trade the Predators would go the buyout route with Turris instead.

It would mark the end of a rocky stay in Nashville for Kyle Turris, one that started out on such a positive note. The Ottawa Senators were heavily criticized for trading Turris when they did, thanks in large part to the fact that the main piece they acquired in the deal was forward Matt Duchene, a player on an expiring contract. The fact that the Senators did not offer Turris a new contract, given what we know now about his struggles in Nashville, may have actually turned out to be the right decision on behalf of the Senators despite their recent lack of success.