Rumor: Tuukka Rask hurt on Sunday night?

This doesn't look great.


There is some concern regarding the status of veteran Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask on Sunday night after his body language towards the end of the Bruins game today appeared to indicate that he had been injured. 

Rask and the Bruins faced off against the New Jersey Devils on Sunday and if Rask was indeed injured it would have come in the latter stages of the game. Rask remained in goal for the entire duration of the game except for when he was pulled late in the third period as t he Bruins tried to climb back from their 1- 0 deficit. 

Pulling Rask did not prove to be an effective strategy for the Bruins on this day but what the move did do is provide us a hint into a potential injury to Rask. As you can see from the video below, Rask was spotted quite clearly clutching at his lower back area as he left the ice, an indication that he had somehow injured that area during the game. 

Now given that we don't even know if there is an injury here at all we can't be sure when Rask would have suffered the ailment, however Bruins insider Joe Haggerty has speculated that it could have been during a collision with Devils forward Miles Wood, one that occurred just a few minutes prior to Rask leaving the ice in this manner. 

We will of course bring you all the updates on Rask as soon as we know more.