Rumor: Two potential landing spots for Jaromir Jagr in the NHL.

One last chance for the NHL veteran?

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By the sounds of things the Jaromir Jagr experiment has come to an end in Calgary. Both father time as well as injuries appear to have caught up with the legendary National Hockey League forward, but it does not mean we have seen the last of Jagr in the NHL.

While it's probably fair to say that Jagr is unlikely to find a home on another NHL team at this time, there do remain two distant possibilities that could potentially give the veteran one last hurrah in the NHL before he hangs up his skates for good.

According to Calgary Flames insider Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun, two other NHL teams had interest in Jagr at the time that he signed with the Flames, the St. Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens. 

The Blues seems like the team that would be far less likely to take a gamble on Jagr, their team chemistry is currently on point and they are looking like a team that is a legitimate threat to contend in the postseason. General manager Doug Armstrong has been looking to improve his team via trade but an aging Jaromir Jagr likely doesn't fit with his needs. 

The Canadiens on the other hand are a much more intriguing possibility. While general manager Marc Bergvin has expressed a belief that his team can still make the postseason, that seems less and less likely every day. Signing a veteran like Jagr could help bring some veteran leadership to what currently sounds like somewhat of a dysfunctional Habs locker room, while it would also give fans a reason to keep showing up to games instead of letting their tickets go unused. 

While it seems that Europe may be a more realistic destination for Jagr at this point, it's not impossible to envision a scenario where he finishes out his season in the NHL. And there's almost no doubt that despite his decline he deserves a great send off to end his NHL career.