Rumor : Vegas being ''bribed'' to take dead money contract?

It would be a huge deal.

Rumor : Vegas being ''bribed'' to take dead money contract?

With the Stanley Cup now behind us, the trade market will be firing on all cylinders. The expansion draft changes everything for the whole league and teams are preparing accordingly. There were rumors that Vegas would be willing to be figuratively bribed to take some bad contracts in exchange of high value picks, and according to a very credible source, it might be just the case very soon. 

This one makes a lot of sense on the Jackets' side of things. David Clarkson is on the long term injury list and he still has 3 years to spend on his 7 years original contract. He's now weighing 5,25M$ on the Jackets' cap, but he simply can't play hockey anymore. He suffered a long term back injury and only played a handful of games in 2015-2016 and not a single one this season. Needless to say, his situation is not optimal for the team. 

The Jackets would be willing to ''bribe'' Vegas with a first rounder pick in the upcoming draft to get rid of Clarkson's contract. Insane, one may say? Not really. When you think about it, getting rid of 5,25M$ of dead money on your cap is the equivalent of hiring a Marian Hossa or Evander Kane, which are probably worth a first rounder. 

Vegas has been pretty vocal about its intention to build on quality picks and prospect, so all this rumor could very well materialize in an actual trade very soon.