Rumor: Veteran forward has informed his team he won't negotiate during the season.

An experienced forward who produces on the score sheet.

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The St. Louis Blues made a number of changes during the offseason, and may still do more according to some rumors, and lost in the mix have been the rumors of a potentially disgruntled veteran player on the roster.

Specifically, rumors have widely circulated regarding forward Alex Steen and his desire for a contract extension with some going so far as to suggest that Steen had issued an ultimatum to the Blues, sign me this summer because I won't talk contract in the regular season. Steen was asked about this point blank in a recent interview and denied there was any truth to the rumors.

“I don’t know where that surfaced, that’s not something that’s come from me,” Steen said as per Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Disptatcgh. “I want to be in St. Louis and the organization knows that. I’m sure we’ll get to it when we get to it, so we’re not stressed about it. Right now, the whole focus has been on the shoulder, getting that ready and getting the group back together again.”

It's worth noting that despite Steen's denial speculation regarding the ultimatum continues to be rampant, and where there is this much smoke one often finds fire. At 32 years old coming off a 48 point season it's easy to see why he could want an extension, and it's even easier to see why he may want one sooner rather than later.