Rumors of a potential trade deal between the Habs and Rangers.

Talk of a trade between the Habs and Rangers.

Rumors of a potential trade deal between the Habs and Rangers.

The New York Rangers sent four of their most senior front office staff to scout the Monday night match up between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, and now we have a better idea of what they were doing there. 

According to a report from New York Rangers insider Larry Brooks the Rangers were there primarily to look at two forwards. Their main focus was on winger/center hybrid Alex Galchenyuk, a player who seems destined to be traded given the sheer amount of trade rumors that have had his name connected to them.

However according to Brooks the Rangers also have an interest in another of the Canadiens forwards. From the New York Post:

But the Blueshirts also like Montreal’s Andrew Shaw, the abrasive 26-year-old forward who can play both center and wing and who plays an edgy, abrasive game unlike anyone currently on the New York roster.


Shaw carries a cap hit of $3.9 million per season which is exactly $1 million less than Galchenyuk would cost the Rangers. When you consider that the Rangers currently have just over $2 million in available cap space that could explain why they would want to weigh both potential options.

No word from Brooks on what the Rangers would potentially be giving up for either player.