Rumors of a potentially major surprise at today's NHL expansion announcement.

Has Bettman fooled us all?

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Many fans and pundits have long believed that National Hockey League expansion was a one city race all along, that Las Vegas was assured a team, and that Quebec City would be denied. 

However a report from TVA Sports Stephane Turcot has raised some question as to exactly what we can expect from the NHL's major announcement today. According to Turcot Quebecor executive Pierre Dion will be on hand today during the NHL's expansion announcement, Quebecor is of course the organization that submitted the expansion bid to bring a team to Quebec City.

Dion is a major player at Quebecor and there are many who doubt that he intends to show up to a press conference for the sole purpose of being humiliated and having his bid rejected. This is not to say that there is any guarantee or even likelihood of Quebec City getting an expansion franchise, but commissioner Gary Bettman may have something up his sleeve when it comes to hockey in Quebec City.