Rumour: Matvei Michkov’s father’s death is linked to his son’s NHL career

A reporter dropped a bomb this morning when it comes to the mysterious death of Matvei Michkov’s dad…

Published 6 months ago
Rumour: Matvei Michkov’s father’s death is linked to his son’s NHL career

Back in April, disturbing news out of Russia emerged that the father of top 2023 NHL Draft prospect Matvei Michkov was found dead at age 51. The report got even more troubling when it was mentioned that Andrei Michkov had been missing since April 2 only to be found in a pond near Sochi. Matvei’s dad had reportedly left his home Sunday night, saying he’d be right back, but never returned. The young prospect said that about 20 minutes after his father left, he received a strange phone call from an individual, who sounded out of range of the device.

To this day, the official reason for Andrei Michkov’s death remains unclear.

On Wednesday morning out of Montreal, a reporter added unsettling details to the mix. Martin McGuire of 98,5FM Radio in Montreal explained that Andrei Michkov was actively trying to invalidate his son’s contract which binds him to the KHL for another three years, in order to help him get into the NHL more quickly after this summer’s draft. This is how McGuire put it, translated from French:

“Obviously, getting stories confirmed when it comes from Russia, you will understand that it is difficult. But it seems that his father was trying to have the contract invalidated and get Matvei sent to North America quickly. That’s why this story is going to be a bit ‘touchy’ because we don’t know if the young man is going to be forced to respect the contract he apparently signed because nobody can say clearly if he really signed this contract and if the length is 2 years, 3 years, 4 years that is on this contract.”

According to the NHL, the 18-year-old is under contract with SKA St. Petersburg through 2026, meaning his NHL debut likely won’t transpire until his current deal expires.

It is quite disturbing is McGuire’s story is true…

Matvei Michkov is considered among the top prospects ahead of the 2023 NHL Draft. He’s scored nine goals and 20 points in 27 games after he was loaned to Sochi’s KHL club earlier this season. He last played with Kapitan Stupino in the Russian junior league playoffs, putting up four goals and seven points across five contests.

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