Russia is sick of NHL stealing players, bans agents!

​A brutal new strategy…

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Listen folks, Russia is fed up and it has taken a major step to make sure some of its players remain in their home country to play the fabulous game of hockey. 

According to many KHL insiders, the Russian Hockey Federation has just put out a list of agents who they say are not accredited to work in Russia with professional teams/players - the list includes Paul Theofanos, Dan Milstein, and Mark Gandler among many others.

This news comes out after several Russian players have decided to join the NHL in the past weeks. 

For example as of Friday, it is believed that defenseman Alexander Romanov, who’s agent is Milstein mentioned above, has chosen to leave the KHL to join the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs selected the blue liner in the second round, 38th overall, back in the 2018 NHL Draft. The top prospect wasn’t sure if he would remain longer in the KHL, but latest reports indicate that he will come to America to start his NHL career with the Canadiens. 

The Russian Hockey Federation is clearly willing to do whatever it takes.