Russian junior player Voronkov smashes a “TSN” camera with a hammer during KHL intermission

Watch it! That camera is a gold medalist!

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Over 48 hours since Canada has claimed gold in the World Junior Championships and Russia is still bitter.

In case you missed it, the game ended under some controversial circumstances after a Canadian player appeared to take a Delay of Game penalty for clearing the puck over the glass. But here’s the thing… the puck technically didn’t go clear out of play as it struck a mounted video camera first. That camera just happened to belong to Canadian broadcaster TSN. 

Canadian conspiracy?

Check it out:

In any case, the play was determined to NOT be a penalty and Canada hung on for a gold medal victory. To say that the Russians aren’t taking it well would be an understatement. I mean… just look at forward Dmitry Voronkov smashing a “TSN” camera during a KHL intermission.

You know what? This is actually really funny. It looks like Voronkov is having fun with things and not taking himself too lightly. Not sure if Putin will appreciate this though…