Russian media bans Dominik Hasek’s interview for provocative comments!

The legendary goalie in trouble again:


Former NHL goalie Dominik Hasek is maintaining his criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, one Russian media refuses to put it out there to be read.

Hasek has been quick to criticize Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression when they invaded Ukraine. He won’t stop, which is great to get his criticism out there, however, one of his interviews was banned in Russia because Hašek condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine and spoke about signs of fascism in the Russian Federation.

Ukrainska Pravda however did get some of Hasek’s quotes out, in English, and this is what he had to say:

“First let’s talk about what fascism is. Among its main features are militarism, a strong leader at the helm of the state, nationalism, i.e. the superiority of one’s nation over others and a dislike of foreigners.
It is a fact that the Russian Federation spends the most or almost the most of any country in the world on armaments in proportion to the number of inhabitants and its GDP.

It is also a fact that the Russian Federation has long been led by a personality who is almost above the law, who defines the laws, who influences the state and not just the state media.

And the fact that the Russian Federation is headed by a person who often prevents people from gathering and publicly criticizing him and many other things is also true. And I also often hear nationalism, that is, words that make you feel a certain superiority over the Ukrainian nation from the political and media representatives of your country. This means that your country’s policies radiate many forms of fascism.”

Hasek had a feeling his interview would not be made public, which prompted him to write his answers in two languages - Czech and Russian - and published the text on the Czech website

Some fans and former players don’t see why Hasek now appears to getting involved in politics, however, he is doing way more than other Russian players, like Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin. Hasek has called him out more than once for his support of Putin.