Rutherford calls out his own team, says a trade is coming.

Penguins GM drops a bombshell.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins have had a rather poor run of form as of late and their general manager is not the least bit happy about it.

According to a breaking news report from Pittsburgh Penguins insider Josh Yohe, Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford has informed him that a trade is on the horizon. In fact it sounds like Rutherford has been contemplating this possibility for several weeks at this point. From Yohe's report:

Rutherford told The Athletic on Friday that he’s contemplating trade options for the struggling Penguins, who have lost five consecutive games. Had the Penguins not rolled through Western Canada in convincing fashion two weeks ago, Rutherford said, a trade likely already would have been executed.

Now to be clear you won't be seeing any of the big names on the Pittsburgh Penguins roster being moved around, Rutherford has informed Yohe that players like captain Sidney Crosby, forward Evgeni Malkin, forward Phil Kessel and defenseman Kris Letang have all been performing up to his expectations. That being said though it sounds like the other members of the Penguins roster have disappointed the Penguins general manager, and based on the comments he made to Yohe it seems he may be rather disgusted with the effort from some of his players.

“Our problem is that there hasn’t always been enough urgency,” Rutherford said as per The Athletic. “Some guys show up at games and think that Sid, Geno, Phil and Kris are going to get the job done and that they don’t have to do much. You can’t be a contending team if you’re going to have that, and it looks like that’s what has been going on.”

Rutherford would not go into specifics regarding which player or players he is looking to trade at this time and that may be due in part to the current landscape in the National Hockey League. Rutherford lamented the fact that the lack of trades in general as well as the current limitations placed on team's by the National Hockey League's salary cap may not make it easy for him to make the deal that he feels would best help his team at this current time. 

While Rutherford would not go into specifics it appears that Yohe believes that once highly touted Penguins prospect Daniel Sprong could be the trading chip that Rutherford looks to utilize to improve his roster. In fact according to Yohe multiple sources have informed him that Sprong is available for the right price.