Ryan Getzlaf claims Bobvrosky's soul with this nasty breakaway OT winner.

You know Brobovsky is feeling that one the next morning.

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If the exhibition games for the World Cup are any indication of what we can expect form the tournament itself we are in for some very exciting contests.

The exhibition match up between Team Canada and Team Russia was no exception, and in fact the game needed overtime to determine a winner, something no one would mind if it occurred in the actual tournament itself.

While there were several noteworthy moments in the game, perhaps none had the impact that Ryan Getzlaf's game winning break away did. Not only did Getzlaf beat Bobrovsky in spectacular fashion to win the game, but he beat him so bad Bobrovsky could be seen reacting to the goal so poorly it almost seemed like he was in physical pain.

This one was nasty.