Ryan Garbutt delivers a big hit, gets instantly mauled by rookie.

They wanted to tear him apart.

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I have to admit, while as a general rule I hate it when player's demand someone fight after delivering a big clean hit, there was something about this that I genuinely enjoyed. Perhaps it was the fact that two young players were so willing and so quickly came to the defense of their teammate.

During Thursday night's match up between the Arizona Coyotes and the Anaheim Ducks, forward Ryan Garbutt delivered a big hit to Oliver Ekman-Larsson, one of Arizona's most valuable players, and he was instantly made to pay for it.

Shortly after the hit both Anthony Duclair and Max Domi jumped Garbutt. although it certainly did not appear that Domi needed any help as he went after Garbutt hard, eventually making the bigger man curl up into a ball on the ice to protect himself.

Maybe he got a few pointers from his dad?