Ryan Johansen slams Ryan Kesler on live radio Wednesday night.

The hatred between these two me

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Nashville Predatords forward Ryan Johansen and Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Kesler have built quite the rivalry and that rivalry reached a boiling point during the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

While the Predators would eventually triumph over the Ducks, it's clear that at least as far as Ryan Johansen is concerned the feud between these two men is farm from over. 

On Wednesday Johansen was part of Smashville Live on 102.5 The Game and it was there that he hurled some insults at Kesler, insults that make it obvious there is genuine hatred from Johansen towards Kesler.

"He's just a loser," said Johansen during Smashville Live.

The next match up between their respective teams will be on Friday November 3rd, and there will be a great many eyeballs tuning in to see the next chapter in this rivalry.