Ryan Johansen stirs up controversy after being traded.
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Ryan Johansen stirs up controversy after being traded.

The newest member of the Philadelphia Flyers may not be happy with his current predicament.

Jonathan Larivee

There may be some trouble in Philadelphia.

A report from The Fourth Period's Anthony Di Marco now indicates that recently acquired forward Ryan Johansen may be refusing to report to the Philadelphia Flyers American Hockey League affiliate team, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

According to Di Marco, the 31 year old forward has now suddenly come down with an injury, or a number of injuries, that could prevent him from playing at the AHL level.

This will be somewhat controversial given that Johansen played nearly 11 minutes in his final game as a member of the Colorado Avalanche, a game against the Chicago Blackhawks that took place this past Monday. Johansen could have been injured over the course of that game or may even have suffered the injury in the days that followed, but of course the timing does seem suspicious.

It may very well be that Johansen is dealing with an injury that he was willing to play through as part of a Cup contender, and one he may be less willing to play through if forced to report to the AHL.

Di Marco does raise one other concern however and it is a major one. Johansen appears to be an obvious buyout candidate moving forward, but the Flyers will be unable to use a buyout on him as long as he remains injured.