Ryan Lomberg knocks Keegan Kolesar out with 1 punch.

Ryan Lomberg knocks Keegan Kolesar out with 1 punch.

Ryan Lomberg made very short work of Keegan Kolesar on Saturday afternoon, dropping him with just one punch.

Jonathan Larivee

Hockey fans tuning in to Saturday's jam packed schedule of National Hockey League games were treated to an early Christmas present, a speedy knockout courtesy of the Florida Panthers' Ryan Lomberg.

On Saturday afternoon, Lomberg and the Panthers clashed with the Vegas Golden Knights in what was a very tightly contested and scoreless game throughout the entire first period. It was perhaps for this reason that both Lomberg as well as the Golden Knights' Keegan Kolesar both attempted to light a fire under their respective teams by dropping the gloves with roughly 8 minutes left to go in the period.

Fans who were expecting an exciting back and forth didn't get it as Lomberg made incredibly short work of Kolesar, catching him immediately on the jaw with the very first punch of the fight. The shot, which caught Kolesar right on the button, was enough to knock Kolesar out cold as he collapsed to the ice and quickly regained consciousness.

Although Kolesar was able to make it down the tunnel under his own power, it was clear from the way he collapsed that he briefly lost consciousness and you have hope that he's going to be alright over the holidays.