Ryan Reaves creating new problems for the Maple Leafs.
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Ryan Reaves creating new problems for the Maple Leafs.

A frustrated Ryan Reaves spoke to the media this weekend and that may be bad news for the Maple Leafs.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs can't be happy about these comments from veteran enforcer Ryan Reaves.

Reaves has been out of the lineup since he last played against the Columbus Blue Jackets on the 14th of December, a game in which he suffered a knee injury after slamming awkwardly into the boards.

Reaves has been out of the lineup with the injury ever since and has been listed on injured reserve, even as recently as last night when the Maple Leafs took on the Seattle Kraken, but Reaves has just revealed that he isn't injured at all.

"Yeah, I've been ready for a couple weeks now," admitted Reaves as per Luke Fox.

Reaves appeared to be using the media to angle for more ice time with this quote, something that his follow up statement all but confirmed.

"That's a question for them," said Reaves when asked about his situation. "I am not in those rooms, in those conversations. I'm not going to speculate anything. Just stay ready. And if I get called upon, I do. If I don't, I get my work in."

It's one thing for Reaves to angle for playing time in the media, but it is another matter entirely to hint at the fact that he may have been left on injured reserve inappropriately. That would be a matter the National Hockey League and even the National Hockey League Players Association may get curious about, and that could mean headaches for the Toronto Maple Leafs.