Ryan Reaves details physical altercation with NHL head coach.
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Ryan Reaves details physical altercation with NHL head coach.

The NHL's most recognizable enforcer isn't easy to shake, but one NHL coach pushed him too far.

Jonathan Larivee

Sheldon Keefe watch out!

Fans around the National Hockey League are all too familiar with enforcer Ryan Reaves, one of the most dominant physical presences on the ice in today's modern era of the NHL. Reaves is not only beloved by seemingly all of his teammates but he is also a man feared by his enemies, something that results in most people trying to stay on his good side.

Unfortunately for one head coach in the NHL that was a lesson that would be learned the hard way, a story that Reaves recently detailed on the Missin Curfew podcast with former NHL players Shane O’Brien and Scottie Upshall. In that story Reaves, in hilarious fashion, recounted a story of how veteran NHL head coach Ken Hitchcock got under his skin one time behind the bench of the St. Louis Blues.

Reaves, who had made a mistake on the ice during his previous shift, was repeatedly chewed out behind the bench by Hitchcock and after a third verbal barrage from the head coach he finally snapped and had enough.

"I turned around and I grabbed him by the tie and said 'If you don't shut your f***ing mouth I'm going to strangle you with this tie,'" said Reaves with a laugh.

Now as you might expect, such an action is likely to land you in a great deal of trouble and Reaves revealed that former NHL head coach Mike Yeo spoke to him the next day and strongly advised him to apologize to Hitchcock for the infraction. Reaves, to his credit, agreed that Hitchcock was owed an apology and quickly went to the coach's office to do so.

Much to Hitchcock's credit however, the veteran head coach, who was likely trying to lit a fire under his player during his verbal tirade, pretended as if he had no idea what had even occurred behind the bench.

"So I go in to Hitch's office 'Hey Hitch my bad I didn't mean to grab your tie and say that' and he's like 'What the f*** are you talking about Reavo!'" concluded Reaves with a howl of laughter.

The best part of the segment however was Reaves' hilarious impression of Hitchcock, one that you will have to hear to believe. You can check out the segment in the short clip below.