Ryan Reaves fires up the boys by challenging his coaches to a scrap on the bench

Classic Reavo. How can you NOT love this guy?

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For the unaware, it may look like Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves has a problem with his coaches. You see, Reaves’ pre-game ritual consists of him not only goading his coaches into a fight, but physically taunting them from the bench. He’ll get in head coach Gerard Gallant’s face and has been known the chase after assistant coach Ryan Craig.

In fact, check out this exchange prior to last night’s game against the St. Louis Blues in which Reaves jabs Gallant with his stick before grabbing ahold of Craig and shaking him violently.

Check it out:

Simmer down, Reavo! You’re gonna get benched, bro!

Not gonna lie though… I love seeing this kind of playful emotion on the bench. You can tell from Craig’s reaction and from lineman William Carrier’s reaction that the team gets a real boost from Reaves’ antics. 

Unfortunately for Reaves and the Golden Knights, the Blues bested them last night 3-1, but you can bet that that won’t keep Reavo from throwing his weight around on the bench the rest of the season… just so long as he doesn’t take things this far: