Ryan Reaves hides behind the net at practice & hilariously impersonates the goal horn.

This is uncanny.

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This may be my favorite moment of the National Hockey League preseason thus far. 

I don't think it would be a stretch to suggest that veteran NHL forward Ryan Reaves is one of the most feared men in the entire league. As a result of that rather infamous reputation it's no surprise that every time he steps out onto the ice fans brace themselves in preparation for a potential big hit, or perhaps even a heavyweight bout since Reaves is no stranger to dropping the gloves. As a result of that fans really get to see the gentler side of Reaves, the more silly side of Reaves, but this time the NHL preseason has provided a glimpse of exactly that.

On Sunday the Las Vegas Golden Knights gathered for a preseason practice and although initially things seemed to be rather uneventful there was a curious sight behind one of the net's at practice. Crouched behind the net was none other than the aforementioned Ryan Reaves and although based on the look on his face it was clear he was up to some mischief it wasn't immediately obvious exactly what that mischief might be. 

As his fellow Golden Knight teammates began to put pucks in the back of the net the goal horn in the building could be heard going off. For those of you who don't know goal horns are generally not a regular occurrence during practice sessions and it was especially bizarre to have one going off in so loud and so blatant a fashion during practice. The only problem of course is that there was no goal horn going off. 

No instead it was actually Ryan Reaves himself who was pulling off what I can only describe as a very very good impression of an actual goal horn. In fact if I had not been told that it was Reaves himself that was making the sound with his freaking mouth I would likely have been none the wiser. Now that may sound like hyperbole to you but I dare you to show the video to someone without telling them what's going on and see if they notice what's wrong with the whole scenario. 

A great prank by Ryan Reaves and one that appears to show off one of his hidden talents.