Ryan Reaves hits back at Brad Marchand

They're both going at it in the media....on the ice to follow?



The Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins are set to do battle tonight in Toronto, and we've already got some pre-game fireworks courtesy of two of the biggest antagonists in the National Hockey League. 

Both Brad Marchand and Ryan Reaves have traded pre-game verbal jabs at one another, setting the stage for what should be a good game that could include plenty of extra-curricular activities between whistles. 

So what exactly does Marchand like to hit Reaves with on the ice? 

“He likes telling me he makes a lot more than I do,” Reaves answered when asked what the substance of Marchand's on-ice to him usually consist of. “Doesn’t really bother me. A lot of players make a lot more than I do.”

It wouldn't be long before Marchand would respond, slyly implying that Reaves isn't able to let his comments go. 

“Yeah, I think I said that once. …a long time ago; sounds like he’s holding onto it,” Marchand said. “Yeah, but he’s one of those guys that brings physicality to their group, and he’s obviously made a great career out of it. But it seems like there’s always a good rivalry with this team. Usually, that stems from playing each other in the playoffs a few times, and both teams have been very good for a while, and it’s always a fun game to play.”

Who else is looking forward to seeing these two go at it on the ice tonight in Toronto? 

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