Ryan Reaves pummels Michael Pezzetta and taunts the Habs.

Ryan Reaves pummels Michael Pezzetta and taunts the Habs.

Michael Pezzetta was sent out to answer the bell against a much bigger opponent in Ryan Reaves.

Jonathan Larivee

I honestly have to question what the Montreal Canadiens were thinking sending out poor Michael Pezzetta to answer the bell against Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves.

On Saturday night, as the Toronto Maple Leafs clashed with the Montreal Canadiens on Hockey Night in Canada, we were treated to a pretty big mismatch when Pezzetta reluctantly took on the much bigger man in Reaves.

From the beginning it was clear that this was a mismatch, as from the very moment Reaves had a hold of Pezzetta's jersey it was a one sided affair. Once Reaves had established his grip he pummeled the Canadiens forward with no response coming from Pezzetta in terms of offensive output.

When it looked as though Pezzetta would look to fire back, Reaves simply muscled him up against the boards and prevented Pezzetta from offering any punishment of his own.

To add insult to injury Reaves would openly taunt the Habs bench as he was escorted away, with the Maple Leafs enforcer clearly not believing that anyone on that bench is prepared to challenge him.

The reaction from Auston Matthews was priceless.