Ryan Reaves sends a warning to the Minnesota Wild.
Mike Russo  

Ryan Reaves sends a warning to the Minnesota Wild.

Ryan Reaves sends a warning to his former team ahead of their matchup on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs are set to play just their second game of the 2023-24 National Hockey League regular season later tonight, and it will no doubt be a special one for the organization's new enforcer.

On Saturday, the Leafs will face off against the Minnesota Wild and for former Wild enforcer Ryan Reaves that will likely mean a reunion with more than a few friends. Prior to signing his three year deal with the Leafs this summer, Reaves spent nearly a full season with the Wild and even went on a 6 game playoff run with them during the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs, but if you thought that would result in the enforcer showing them any leniency you have been sorely misinformed.

On Saturday morning, Reaves made it clear that there would be no such leniency for the Wild and that, if anything, he tended to be even rougher towards his friends than he was with players he is relatively unfamiliar with.

“Sometimes when you’re better friends with them, you want to lay them out a little more," admitted Reaves before sending those same friends an ominous warning. "Unfortunately for them, I became pretty good friends with all of them.”

It sounds like the Wild players will want to keep their heads on a swivel on Saturday night, as Reaves sounds like he may be looking to bring the hurt.`