Ryan Reaves shares his unfiltered thoughts on Craig Berube.

Ryan Reaves shares his unfiltered thoughts on Craig Berube.

The Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer gets real on the topic of the team's new head coach.

Jonathan Larivee

Much has been made about the addition of new Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube following the team's elimination at the hands of the Boston Bruins in the first round of the 2024 Stanley cup playoffs. There are those who feel Berube will bring a hard-nosed coaching style that will bring an edge to the Maple Leafs that they have been sorely lacking, and it sounds like one of the Maple Leafs own players is on board with that sentiment.

Recently, Maple Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves was a guest on SiruisXM's NHL Network Radio when he was asked to share his thoughts on the new hire. As you might expect, Reaves seems to love the idea of bringing in Berube who will likely have a role in the lineup for a physical player like Reaves himself.

"I got to sit with him briefly after the season once he was hired," revealed Reaves. "I think he's just gonna bring a new attitude."

Reaves even acknowledged that Berube is likely to be the type of coach that can fix some of the more attitude-related issues the Maple Leafs may have encountered in the past.

"A new swagger that obviously the team has been missing," admitted Reaves. "I'm excited to play for him."

Interestingly enough it sounds like Reaves already had a very solid opinion of Berube even prior to the hire, indicating that some of his former teammates with the St. Louis Blues have spoken very highly of him.

"He was really liked in St. Louis," revealed Reaves. "I never got to play for him there, I missed him by a year and a half, but I talked to guys about him but everybody kind of says the same thing, they would go through a wall for the guy."

Reaves believes the ability of a coach to light that kind of fire under his players is an important factor in the National Hockey League.

"I think that's an important aspect for a team and coach, so yeah I think it's gonna be a fun year with him," said Reaves.

Reaves also believes that Berube's past success in the league will also give him a measure of authority that perhaps the previous coach couldn't bring to the table.

"I think you understand that they know what it takes to win," admitted Reaves. "With him having a Cup his first year in St. Louis I think everyone understands that he was a big part of turning that team around, he knows what he's talking about. That resume is gonna help for sure."