Ryan Reaves trolls Evander Kane from the bubble, even if he’s out of the postseason!


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It does not matter if the San Jose Sharks are out of the postseason, which kicks off on Saturday. Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves is such a nice guy, it still wanted one of the players from the San Jose crew, Evander Kane, to feel involved in the playoffs by keeping the rivalry alive between the two players. 

When Reaves arrived in the bubble hub city of Edmonton, he made sure to troll Kane one more time - as we know they love to go back and forth - and arrived wearing  a “Muffin Man” mask to the NHL bubble. 

Remember how it all got started? Kane referred to Reaves as the “Muffin Man” following a fight between the two in Game 3 of the 2019 first-round playoff series between the Sharks and Golden Knights.

“For the so-called toughest guy in the league, I don’t think he landed a punch,” Kane said between Games 3 and 4. “At times, I thought I was fighting the Muffin Man. Didn’t expect that, I expected a lot more of a battle. I was able to handle him. I think he lost a bit of his allure in terms of toughness.”

We think Reaves hasn’t forgotten about his infamous rivalry with the Sharks winger and wanted to let him know he was thinking about him. 

We have to admit that the two players were able to put the rivalry aside for the right reasons earlier this summer. Kane was named a co-head of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, which has a mission “to eradicate racism and intolerance in hockey.” Reaves said he wants to put their beef aside as they both work to combat racial inequalities in the NHL and the sport overall.

But he didn’t say anything about the Muffin Man!