Ryvan Reaves' kiss just got even better after back and forth through the media.

The Stars tried to respond but Reaves just made it even worse.

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St. Louis Blues forward Ryan Reaves is a normally a controversial figure in the National Hockey League, but the latest incident he has been featured in has probably earned him quite a few new fans.

As many of you probably know already, Reaves made national headlines after he openly mocked the Dallas Stars bench following a very one-sided With Dallas' Curtis McKenzie. Reaves blew a kiss to the Dallas bench after the fight, and the message was not only clear, but it resonated both with the public and with the Dallas Stars.

Members of the Stars have come out stating that they won't forget the incident, likely implying that Reaves is in for some measure of payback, but on Thursday Reaves had a hilarious response to those comments. When asked specifically about the comments from Stars forward Jamie Benn stating he would remember the incident, Reaves had this short but brilliant response.

"Did he catch it and put it in his pocket? ... I don't know why that's a big deal to him."

Well played Ryan Reaves.