Sabres fan gets ROCKED during intermission tricycle jousting match

He's down! He's down! He's down!

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It's been yet another disappointing season for Buffalo Sabres fans... but hey... it's only been half a century, right? 

The Sabres are in the midst of celebrating their 50th season in the NHL and well... things have gone off the rails for the blue and gold once again. Despite having a strong team on paper, the Sabres will likely miss the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the 9th consecutive campaign. Sabres players like Jack Eichel, Rasmus Dahlin, Sam Reinhart and Rasmus Ristolainen have literally NEVER played an NHL playoff game in the careers and, frankly, who knows when they finally get their chance?

I think this gif taken from an intermission segment during Friday evening's loss to the Vegas Golden Knights sums things up perfectly:

Pretty much sums it up.

Just how bad are things getting in Buffalo? Sabres fans are essentially losing their minds... I mean check out this call to WGR550 radio where an irate fan voices his displeasure with the team. 

This call prompted a pretty thorough summation of the situation in Buffalo on Reddit from user wobut. Click here for the link, or read his/her synopsis below:

Things are getting wild here in Sabreland.

After a pretty abysmal loss to the Ottawa Senators, fans are outwardly showing their frustration, but the franchise is capping off their brutal mismanagement with their handlings of the fan's reactions.

A caller to the local sports radio station had a pretty passionate rant about how the franchise doesn't do anything right beyond the product on the ice either, mostly about how many absurd mistakes they are making in promoting the 50th anniversary celebrations such as:

  • Misspelling alumni names on their jerseys
  • Having alumni wear cheap chinese knockoff jerseys instead of authentics in official team functions
  • Failing to meet a deadline to wear original jerseys against the Canucks, when the canucks wore theirs.

The radio station, in a now deleted tweet, tweeted out the call, as its a pretty common sentiment among fans these days. The organization allegedly pressured their flagship partner into deleting the tweet. I say allegedly, but come on.

Elliot Friedman had a pretty innocent blurb about the on-ice failures of the franchise under the Pegulas in his 31 thoughts blog. Today on his recurring interview on WGR550, he mentioned that he received complaints that people within the organization were not happy with his criticism! To save you a click, here's what he said:

We’re coming up on nine years since he bought the Sabres. At that media conference, he promised to spend, which had Sabres fans dancing with joy. He’s spent on players, coaches, executives, scouting — everything. They made the playoffs that first season, losing in seven games to Philadelphia. But there have been no playoff berths since, and the team is 80 games under .500 in that span.

There is literally nothing here. But yet the team is desperate to try to control media backlash towards them.

One attempt to censor a fan's frustration and one attempt to persuade national media to not point out their failures, both which would have just been another day we'd have moved on from, have resulted in the dam being ready to burst.