Sabres looking to move high value asset?

Would it make sense?

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Trades are a good way to build up a struggling team. Drafting could do the job in the long run, but the proverbial window of opportunity for teams to win a Cup before having to deplete a team and rebuild is pretty short. Knowing this, it's pretty important to maximize your opportunities and not be afraid of acquiring high potential player when it's time. 

According to rumors, it's exactly what the L.A. Kings are looking to do by discussing the possibility of acquiring Evander Kane this year. 

Would it make any sense? Well, Buffalo is sure looking for fresh faces and change in the roster following the Eichel saga and both the GM and the coach being fired. For the Kings, the move could make sense for immediate results, but Kane's star is not at its brightest these days. He can still contribute offensively, but his attitude problem could come in the way fast.