Sabres player confirms Kyle Okposo’s TRAGIC “disease” that kept him in a neuro intensive care.

Horrible news. Hope he’ll be able to play again.

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Horrible news as Sabres player confirms Kyle Okposo DEVASTATING, “DISEASE.”

One of the biggest stories leading up to the National Hockey League playoffs wasn’t about hockey at all, but rather about the long-term health of veteran NHL forward Kyle Okposo. The Buffalo Sabres forward found himself in a neuro intensive care unit with an undisclosed medical condition, and there were concerns about his future both on and off the ice. However the prognosis now seems very reassuring.

So far, no one was aware of the “disease” Okposo was suffering as the team kept the silence on the story. As far as yesterday, the nature of his condition has still not been disclosed even if Bylsma said the injury is similar to Evander Kane’s injury in October. Those were broken ribs. We now know that this has nothing to do with a disease.

William Carrier was invited to speak about the situation on RDS network and he mentioned Kyle Okposo was officially suffering from a terrible concussion that kept him out of the play for the remaining of the season. We all know how concussion can be crucial on a player’s career.

It is such a tragic story. Hope he’ll be able to play again.