Sabres steal Penguins upper manager!

He joins a team looking for big changes.

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A lot of suspense was hanging over the draft. Who would be picked first? Which team would be willing to trade up or down to achieve its true goal? A lot of questions have been answered in the last few days, but now that the NHL caravan is out of Chicago, normal life can run its course. 

With the Penguins having won the Stanley Cup for a second year in a row, it's pretty normal that other teams look to copy their plan. However, some teams even go further and directly hire the Pens assets to try and spark the magic in their respective market. This is precisely what the Sabres did by hiring Randy Sexton as their new assistant general manager and general manager in Rochester. 

This comes at no surprise since Sexton has an excellent reputation throughout the league, especially with rookies and aspiring prospects. He will certainly help in the Buffalo's renaissance in the years to come.