Sabres to grab important Hawk's piece to replace Murray?

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As you've probably heard today, the Sabres upper management decided to fire both Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma from their positions. 

This is not exactly Earth shattering news, as the Sabres had a very disappointing year overall. However, all the drama unfolded around Jack Eichel who was quoted saying he wouldn't play for the team if Bylsma stayed around. 

Anyhow, rumors now abound regarding a replacement for the coach and GM jobs. A very strong rumor would concern the Blackhawks upper management directly. 

It's unknown whether MacIver would consider the position or not, but it wouldn't be the first time the Hawks get robbed from a key piece of their management. CanadiensMarc Bergevin comes to mind, but a few other assistant GMs were seduced by opposing teams to shoulder bigger responsibilities. 

We'll stay on top of this story and report back any further details! 

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