Scandal in Humboldt over 'disgusting and opportunistic' management of over $2 million.


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Unfortunately this is a situation that happens all too often when large sums of money are involved, even when it should be a situation that brings out the best in your fellow man.

As every hockey fan in North America will know the Humboldt Broncos tragedy was one of the worst moments in recent hockey history, resulting in a tremendous loss of life and devastating a small community in Saskatchewan. Although there is nothing in this world that could ever repair the damage that was done on that horrific day, the hockey world and the country of Canada rallied around the Humboldt Broncos and the GoFundMe that was started for the victims raised over $15 million dollars by the time everything had been said and done. 

Unfortunately there are now accusations that one of the people who was fundraising for the Broncos almost immediately after the tragedy took place has mismanaged over $2 million of the money that was raised, and is now using it to further his own ambitions. That The man facing these accusations is Bill Chow, and now those close to this tragedy are accusing the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League president of going behind their backs and capitalizing on the tragedy. 

After the tragedy Chow would announce the SJHL Assistance Program, but although the funds collected would initially go into the SJHL's accounts that fund is now privately managed and in no way connected to the SJHL itself. This is of course very bizarre, and there are those who have now levied some rather heinous accusations at Chow.

A man named Darren Duell is the former Treasurer of the Humboldt Broncos and he says Chow has exploited this tragedy for his own ambitions.

"It was disgusting and opportunistic," Duell said as per the CBC. "On Monday morning after a tragedy of the proportion of April 6th, to go and raise money for the league for your scholarship program — that is outrageous." 

Duell believes that, although the fund was advertised as one designed to offer mental health assistance for the players impacted by this tragedy, the true motivation behind the fund was to set up a scholarship program that would allow Chow to attract better players to his league.

"I was thinking 'He's going to spend a little tiny bit of money on mental health intervention to create some legitimacy around what he was doing, and then the bulk of the money was going to be used for scholarships,'" Duell told CBC News.

Chow has gone on to spend just a fraction of that money on mental health thus far, and Duell believes his suspicions have all but been confirmed.

"I felt right away that this was just misleading. Like, why would they need to raise [millions of] dollars for a league with less than 300 players?" said Duell. 

Of course this is just one side of the story, but there are going to be a lot people who are going to be extremely angry with the president of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League if the accusations from Duell are proven to be correct. People were donating to help the victims, not to help a man fuel his ambitions of having more stars in his league.