Scenario arises in which Jake Guentzel signs in Toronto following monster trade!

Scenario arises in which Jake Guentzel signs in Toronto following monster trade!

Do you believe Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving can pull this off?

Chris Gosselin

When the Carolina Hurricanes were eliminated from the postseason and there was an immediate change in the front office with the departure of former general manager Don Waddell, it was reported that star forward Jake Guentzel had decided to test free agency in the summer and not return to Raleigh.

Now becoming one of the most coveted forwards on the free agent market comes July 1st, Guentzel will garner the interest of pretty much every team out there, and that includes the Toronto Maple Leafs. Guentzel, who is looking for a shot at winning year-in, year-out, is likely to command quite a significant salary, and mathematically speaking, Toronto would be ruled out.

Unless they make room for Guentzel by trading Mitch Marner. Yes, here goes the trade rumours surrounding number 16 again.

Earlier on Wednesday, The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun reported that the Marner camp wants to let next season unfold and see what happens instead of entertaining all the rumours on a possible move this summer. As of now, it is said that Marner is focused on honoring the final year of his deal and hasn’t submitted any list of preferred trade destinations to Maple Leafs’ management.

But what if the Maple Leafs find out that, by parting ways with Marner, they could sign Guentzel in Toronto?

It has been projected that Guentzel could get a massive six year deal at $8 million annually as a free agent. While the star forward would probably love a reunion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, it looks unlikely.

Can we say as much for the Maple Leafs?

Guentzel, who was traded from the Penguins to the Carolina ahead of the March deadline, could be on his way up to Canada, but only IF the Maple Leafs make the bold move of shipping out Marner, after he agrees to waive his clause to whatever team Toronto strikes a deal with, and get the room for the coveted pending free agent.

Do you pull this blockbuster series of moves if you’re Treliving?