Scheifele makes very classy move to rival Demko during the game

Gotta love this. Take notes, kids.


The Winnipeg Jets might have crushed the Vancouver Canucks by the score of 5-1 on Wednesday night, but one of the winning team’s players showed us that you can remain classy and human even during a tilt. 

In the third period as the Jets were in the lead by 3, star forward Mark Scheifele snapped the puck towards rival goalie Thatcher Demko, but caught him in the head. Demko’s mask went flying and referees blew the play dead. 

Scheifele skated over to retrieve Demko’s mask and brought it over to the netminder. That’s class. And on top of it, he not only handed it to him, but also apologized for snapping the puck at his head.

Unbelievably classy. Check it out:

Scheifele had already scored on Demko in the game and could have used the situation to apply more pressure on the goalie, but instead, he did the right thing and offered fans a nice moment out there of the ice. 

Things have changed since the old time hockey, and we have to admit that we respect players who can respect one another. 

Classy move, Mark!