Scott Mayfield has strangest reaction to Sidney Crosby’s attack!

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Published 11 months ago
Scott Mayfield has strangest reaction to Sidney Crosby’s attack!
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It felt like the Pittsburgh Penguins never had a chance as they fell 5-1 to the New York Islanders on Tuesday night.

Captain Sidney Crosby also didn’t have a chance against tough guy Scott Mayfield, which might be why the Islanders’ defenseman reacted in an unexpected manner when he was brutally attacked by the Penguins’ superstar.

In the third period of the contest with the Penguins already behind by four goals, Crosby appeared frustrated when he took a run at Mayfield and whacked him a few times by crosschecking him in the back. Crosby was called for his actions and as he turned to skate to the penalty box, Mayfield simply slapped his butt a few times, almost acknowledging how lucky the Pens’ captain was not to get a response for the giant blue liner.

We all know, without much imagination, that Mayfield would have K-Oed Crosby with just a couple of punches if he had retaliated like fans expected him to.

Instead, he offered the fanbase this strange yet funny altercation:

Now, a fight between these two would have been entertaining to watch. However, Mayfield made the right call here, let his team get the power-play and nonetheless managed to send a message to Crosby to keep his cool and stay away from him for the remainder of the game.


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