Scott Sabourin provides a huge update directly from his hospital bed!

Some welcome news from the man himself.

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The National Hockey League and seemingly every single fan base around the league came together on Saturday night after a terrible incident sent shockwaves through the hockey world. I am of course referring to the horrific injuries suffered by Ottawa Senators forward Scott Sabourin during a Saturday night matchup between his Senators and the Boston Bruins.

If you somehow missed it during the game the aforementioned Sabourin was looking to deliver a big hit to Boston Bruins veteran forward David Backes when things went horribly wrong. Although the initial contact between the two men was clearly clean, in fact you could use the replay of this body check to instruct players on how to take and how to deliver a clean hit, an unfortunate twist of fate made things turn ugly. As the shoulders of both men collided their heads snapped forward due to the whiplash on their respective bodies and unfortunately that caused both of their heads to collide on the play. Sabourin clearly took the worst of that impact and was immediately knocked unconscious as a result, but unfortunately for the gritty Senators forward the situation would only get worse from there. 

Due to the fact that he had lost consciousness as a result of the hit Sabourin was entirely unable to protect himself as his body fell towards the ice. This caused him to go face first into the ice, face planting in horrific fashion, and it wa clear immediately that his face had suffered some significant damage. One of the big stories coming out of this incident was the response of the other man involved in this collision, David Backes, as he acted in probably the best possible way you could expect of a professional athlete in this situation. Backes not only immediately signaled for help when Sabourin hit the ice, but he could also be seen leaving the Bruins bench in tears as a result of the role he played in the injuries to Sabourin.

Fans have thankfully rallied around both Backes and Sabourin as a result of this incident, and I am happy to announce that Sabourin appears to be in terrific spirits all things considered. This morning Sabourin took to his Instagram account and shared an update from what appears to be his hospital bed and no doubt this will only add to the growing respect fans in the NHL are starting to have for him. Sabourin spent no time discussing his injuries and made it clear that in spite of the terrible incident that transpired last night he has every intention of getting back onto the ice as quickly as doctors will allow him to do so. That is of course terrific news and hopefully this is yet another sign that indicates that Sabourin has avoided the worst of it here, although no doubt he will still have a relatively long road to recovery before he can get back to playing in the NHL.

Some amazing toughness on display here from Sabourin all things considered, and we leave you with his own words in the message he put out this morning: