Scott Sabourin set to return from his terrifying injury.

Big update on Sabourin.

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In the very first month of the 2019 - 2020 National Hockey League regular season we were witness to a rather terrifying incident when gritty Ottawa Senators forward Scott Sabourin was carried off of the ice on a stretcher. It was a moment that gripped fans in attendance as well as those watching at home and as he lay there motionless the moment was made all that much more intense to those who know what a tough customer Sabourin has proven to be early in his NHL career. 

Sabourin was injured when he attempted to deliver a big body check to Boston Bruins veteran forward David Backes, but injured both himself and Backes in the process. Backes saw Sabourin coming and had no intention of backing down on the play so when both men collided shoulder to shoulder their heads came crashing together. The impact knocked Sabourin out cold on his feet and as he came crashing down to the ice he was entirely unable to protect his face from the fall. Sabourin's face hit the ice with a sickening thud and his face took some significant damage as a result of the impact, and so much so that it rendered even a veteran player like David Backes an emotional mess. 

Sabourin spoke to the media a few weeks ago regarding his status and although there had been no medical updates from the Senators at the time the forward seemed confident that he would soon be returning to the ice.

“Hopefully I’ll be in the lineup sooner rather than later,” said Sabourin speaking for the first time since his injury

Well as it turns out Sabourin appears to have been correct and now it appears as though he will be returning to the Senators lineup in very short order. According to a report from TSN, Ottawa Senators head coach DJ Smith has stated that Sabourin could be back in the lineup as early as this upcoming Monday, although he did not confirm that definitely. This would be great news for both the Senators, who many feel have overachieved this season, as well as for Sabourin himself who has had a long road back from his concussion.