Scouts from 7 teams spotted at one game last night.

7 teams represented at a surprising game.

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It seems somewhat surprising to hear that seven scouts were in attendance for match up between the Bruins and Canadiens on Tueasday night, but there might be a few reasons why.

Montreal was knocked out of a playoff spot after another loss, and it could be that some teams believe Montreal will look to sell rather than buy prior to the deadline given their current predicament. On the other hand, perhaps this is an indication that the rumors that Boston may consider trading right winger Loui Eriksson have some merit to them.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear there's a deal to be made here if seven teams send representatives to one game. According to a report from Stu Cowan these are the 7 teams who had a presence at the game:

The Chicago Blackhawks

The Edmonton Oilers

The Minnesota Wild

The Columbus Blue Jackets

The Washington Capitals

The Los Angeles Kings

The Dallas Stars

All of these teams with the exception of Columbus are currently in contention.