“Scumbag” Mike Babcock called out by former NHL player.
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“Scumbag” Mike Babcock called out by former NHL player.

A former NHL player is not happy about Mike Babcock getting another job in the league.

Jonathan Larivee

The return of Mike Babcock to the National Hockey League has now been confirmed by several National Hockey League insiders, with the only thing missing now being an official announcement from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Babcock is expected to take on the role of the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets as soon as his contract with his former team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, expires at the end of this month. It's a big get for the Blue Jackets in terms of raw coaching talent, Babcock remains arguably the most decorated active coach in the sport of hockey, but the hiring of the controversial former coach won't come without some hiccups.

Babcock's reputation was severely damaged when he was fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs as numerous stories about his questionable treatment of players began to surface in the wake of that decision. On Sunday, one of Babcock's fiercest critics reacted to the news that he would be joining the Columbus Blue Jackets in somewhat of a predictable fashion.

"Morning folks," said Mike Commodore in a video published to social. "I was gonna leave this alone cause frankly I'm sick and tired of seeing Mike Babcock's name in all my feeds but... here we are.

"Mike Babcock.... head coach... back in the NHL," said a frustrated sounding Commodore. "Babs the bully gets another chance. Am I disappointed? Yes I am disappointed. Am I surprised? No I'm not. His whole retirement thing was a load of horseshit right off the bat."

Babcock has had an extended period of time off from coaching and could have used that time to develop his coaching methods and correct some of the issues that led to his firing in Toronto. Commodore though, doesn't believe that even for a second.

"I'm sure he walked into the Columbus office and told the brass whatever they wanted to hear," said Commodore. "'Oh I've changed' blah blah blah.... which is another load of horseshit. Babs the bully ain't changing. Scumbags like that don't change."

Commodore, despite admitting that he has "buddies" in the Blue Jackets organization, is hoping to see this experiment turn into a complete disaster for all parties involved.

"With all due respect to my buddies within the Blue Jackets organization, I hope this Babcock experiment is a complete disaster on every single level," said Commodore.

That is at least one former Babcock player that won't be rooting for him to succeed after a long hiatus from coaching.